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This 30 second quiz reveals if you qualify to apply for small business funding.
Loans to start, buy or grow* a business within the region we serve.
*Buy new equipment
*Moving or renovations
*Upgrading technology
*and more depending on your business needs

Do you live in one of the following communities?

Do you have at least 10% of your start up costs saved and available to start your business?

Uh oh! We've hit a road block!

We can only fund up to 90% of a project. You'll need at least 10% of your expected start up costs in order to qualify.

You have three options now...

Do you have an up to date & complete business plan?

Uh oh! We've hit a road block.

A comprehensive business plan is required in order to apply for the loans available at Community Futures Yellowhead East.

You have three options:

Have you been turned down by a traditional financial institution?

We're a developmental funder, so you do have to be turned down by a traditional financial institution to qualify for a loan with Community Futures. 

Book an appointment with your bank, and while you're waiting you have a couple of options.

What are your intentions for the loan

Sorry! We only serve communities within the Yellowhead East Region.

If you've provided your email address, Patrysha will be in touch to help connect you with resources in your area.
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Thank you for participating!
If you change your mind and want to pursue your business dream at a later date, keep us in mind!
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Okay, let's get that booked for you. Press the Book Now button below or call 877 706 3500 to book an appointment.
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Email your business plan to for a confidential review of your business plan.
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Unfortunately, while you qualify in most other aspects, our loans are not designed to pay off existing debt.

You may want to book an appointment to brainstorm other strategies to grow your business.
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