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If you are a small town small business owner it will help you self-assess your marketing toolbox through a series of yes/no questions. 

Of course, each of them leads to one of my areas of expertise - but you're under no obligation to share your personal information or buy anything unless you choose to.

It takes about 5 minutes to complete the checklist. 

Are you a small town small business owner serving a local market?

Small town is defined as a town of 20,000 or less and a small business owner is anyone who serves their local area through a product or service whether they have a store front or work from home.
Please be aware that these questions may not apply to your situation as it is geared to the small town small business owner...other types of entrepreneurs need different forms of marketing help

Is your marketing delivering the results you want?

Why are you taking this quiz?

Choose any or all that apply

Can you be more specific so I might better direct you to the help you need as a small business owner?

Continue with the rest of the quiz and we'll see if we can't pull some hidden profits from the channels you're already using!

Do you have an up to date business plan for your small business?


You're ahead of many of your small business counterparts. 

I may be able to offer assistance with making your plan reality. But let's keep going with the checklist to examine the specific areas your business could benefit from most.

I'll give you an opportunity to explore that at the end of the checklist, for now let's get back to it!

Consider developing  a business plan.

I won't lie- it takes time and effort that could be used to improve your marketing, but marketing is only one facet of a successful business.

Businesses with a written plan last longer and make more than those without one.

If you're not sure where to start with business planning, I have programs and tools available to fit a variety of budgets. I'll explain more at the end of the checklist. 

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Do you consider your target market to be everyone in town?

You may find your marketing to be inefficient if you're trying to appeal to everybody in your advertising and promotions. Consider niching down to get maximum impact from your marketing efforts.

I'll give you an opportunity to explore target marketing tools and resources at the end of the checklist. 

For now, let's get back to the checklist


Knowing that you are more likely to reach the customers you need to grow your business by focusing on three or fewer target markets within your local marketplace will put you in good stead to maximize your marketing efforts.

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Do you have a professionally designed logo?

Great! Be sure to be using it in all your marketing efforts as a visual reminder of your brand. Don't forget to remember your audio brand if you make use of radio advertising. We'll get to that in a bit later in the checklist.

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Consider setting aside a budget for creating a visual brand as soon as it is feasible. Especially if you are in a competitive local industry. It's one easy and affordable way to stand out in the crowd and emphasize your professionalism and trustworthiness.

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Do you have a colour scheme you stick to in all or most of your marketing, in-store, in-print and online?

Great! This will go a long way to maximizing your marketing impact by reinforcing your brand visually. Be sure your brand is geared towards the colours that appeal to your target market and aren't too trendy or dated.

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This is an inexpensive and easy fix.

Though you can invest in a professional branding package if you want to make sure you nail it the first time, it's also can be accomplished in-house with a little education.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, finding and using a consistent colour message will help you maximize the marketing and advertising you already do.

The goal is to develop a colour scheme that fits your company brand and the expectations of your best target market.

I can share more after the checklist is done, for now - click continue to get back to the rest of the checklist.

Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

Not a personal profile, but an actual Facebook page to promote your business
Social media is an excellent way to market your small town small business and Facebook is the leading platform for finding small town customers in my experience.

Having an existing page can make putting new ideas into practice quickly with minimal expense and effort.

Click continue to get back to the checklist and I'll share my Facebook related resources when your done if you'd like to learn more about maximizing your efforts there.

Consider taking a class and getting in on the bandwagon. This is a trend that is not going to lose it's power for a while yet. Unless you know your target market is absolutely not on Facebook, don't delay adding this platform to your marketing toolbox. 

I'll have some affordable learning options available soon, you can indicate your interest at the end of this checklist.

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Do you have a website for your small business?

Great! If it's not bringing you the leads you're looking for or expecting then you may want to tweak it, but just having a place that your customers can find you online puts you ahead of many of your small town counterparts. So pat yourself on the back and be sure you're making the best use of the space you've got.

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You'll want to learn to do it yourself or hire out to have it done as soon as possible. Even in a small town your own self hosted website for your business is a marketing cornerstone you should not skip developing. 

I have an option that will walk you how to build your own website for less than $350 (total cost of course + recommended tools) that I can tell you about at the end of this checklist if you're interested.

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Do you advertise in your local newspaper?

Good job on using traditional print marketing to promote your business locally.

Make sure you are maximizing your impact with well written copy and excellent imagery that speaks to your target market.

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If you aren't marketing in your local newspaper and you can afford to, consider whether you're missing part of your target market that's not into the new fangled online methods.

We can explore that after the checklist if you choose, meanwhile click to continue to the next question.

Do you advertise on your local radio station?


I've found it to be the top traditional amplifier of marketing messages for small town small businesses and often delivers fantastic RoI.

If your radio marketing is achieving less results than you expected there are almost certainly ways to improve the impact of your investment.

I also have money saving tricks to share if you're interested when you're done the checklist.

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To maximize your marketing impact, you'll certainly want to consider assigning a budget to radio if you are in a small town with a local station.

In small towns the rates are much more affordable than most independent city stores could dream of – so you should take advantage of that and look into the options in radio advertising in your community.

I can help guide you in the right direction after the checklist is complete. 

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Do you want help maximizing your marketing budget and developing a plan that positions your small town small business as a leader in your local marketplace?

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