This is a quick time and topic survey to determine when the best time for the most people to attend live webinar presentations will be and which topics are the most wanted to determine the order of delivery.

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If you aren't familiar with our organization, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about who we are and what we do at the completion of this survey.
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So when we get in touch with the schedule for the webinars we won't have to address you "Dear Survey Respondent" or "hey you!"
Each session is approximately 45 minutes of prepared information, + 15 minutes or more of Q & A - so an hour in total if you are attending the whole session.

The early morning and night time hours apply to weekdays and the daytime hours to weekends.  The next questions will refine the specific days and topics.

For each time, please give a three star rating:
1. I'm not available at that time
2. I might be available depending on the day
3. I might be available depending on the topic

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Rate the following topics with 1 being not interested at all to 5 to would absolutely attend this topic

Frugal Marketing *

Whether you call it bootstrapping, guerilla marketing or frugal marketing - the concept is the same - to make a big impact on a small budget.
Publicity *

How to get your business or non-profit covered by traditional media outlets (newspapers, magazines, television & radio)
Starting a small business *

Learn the basics of starting and running your own small business
Social Media Simplified for Small Business *

Learn the best practices for using new media outlets including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest and more.
Would you like more information about Community Futures Yellowhead East and the services we offer? *

Thank you for sharing your available times and topics of interest, {{answer_70630903}} I'll be in touch shortly if you've requested information about us, and as soon as the webinar schedule is finalized if not. 

Please share this with your friends in business. The faster we get 100 survey respondents the faster we can schedule the webinar.
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